Turnstiles provide an effective way of managing pedestrian traffic in a wide range of indoor and outdoor situations that require access control and logging. The choice of turnstile will depend on the level of security required, location and visual impact whilst taking into account peak use in normal and emergency situations.

turnstiles in kenya

Revolving Doors

Heavily frequented buildings require solutions that ensure entrances are safe, secure and user-friendly. At East Africa Hi Tech Solutions we can get you revolving and curved sliding doorsets. Intelligent, integrated solutions that are designed with efficient performance in mind.

Revolving Doors Kenya

Vehicle Barrier System

This is a barrier meant to stop, disable, or destroy vehicles intentionally driven into the perimeter of a protected area. These barriers may be active (movable at the push of a button) or static (permanently in a vehicle-stopping posture) and be located at gate entrances.

vehicle barrier system kenya

Man Trap Cubicles

Mantrap cubicles to allow One to control the entry of people in a way that maximizes security while concurrently minimizing inconvenience to the employee or visitor. The mantrap cubicle has two interlocking doors that can never be opened simultaneously

man trap cubicles kenya

Speed Gates

Speed gates in the this way. As a person approaches the speed gate the doors open. The doors close again immediately once the person has passed through, preventing unauthorized passage or tailgating.

Speed gates Kenya

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