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How interactive display screens are transforming learning in the modern world.

What is an Interactive Display?

An interactive screen is a computer driven device, allowing users to access and manipulate electronic files by means of a LCD display. The interactive LCD will be connected to a computer with USB, and the computer then connected back to the LCD with a video cable. These screens serve a variety of functions, and is capable of many different things. First and foremost, would be the creation of interactivity with your computer files.

What Advantages do Interactive LED Displays Offer?
•You no longer have to purchase expensive projector lamps and experience unexpected burn outs.
•Shadowing on a projected image is eliminated.
•Projector light shinning in users’ eyes, eliminated.
•Maintenance to change filters on a projector, eliminated.
•Much cleaner and crisp image than a projector is capable of producing.
•Display will not be washed out by sun or ambient light.
•Less wiring than a traditional interactive system.
•Many units are available with an optional built in PC. This makes a true “All in One” system.
•More durable surface than traditional whiteboards.

Colleges and universities, it’s an opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest campus technology updates they’ve made to help students succeed and expand their educational horizons.

An emerging trend that many are noticing in the higher education space is the adoption of interactive displays – a technology that is enabling teachers to engage and collaborate with their students in ways they haven’t before. Interactive displays offer an opportunity for students to visualize and comprehend information in a way that’s inherently more aligned with how the human brain processes it.

University’s use of their display technology and how it “facilitates leading-edge collaboration and communication virtual and physical that makes accessible new areas of research and development for the classroom.
interactive displays technology makes remote education a more engaging experience. For students studying online, this level of engagement via interactive displays means higher comprehension and a more enjoyable, memorable education as a whole.

The world of Tech is a rapidly changing place and I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing more technologies like interactive displays in our colleges and universities to create a more rewarding educational experience for the students of tomorrow.

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