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5 Reasons we should have Fire Alarm Systems for Boarding School Dormitories in Kenya.

5 Reasons we should have Fire Alarm Systems for Boarding School Dormitories in Kenya.

Election periods in Kenya are well known for the wild political promises. In this year’s electioneering period, both major parties promised full enrolment of all KCPE candidates into secondary schools.

Plans are already underway to ensure this promise is fulfilled. However, the increase in students attending school poses a different question. Just how safe will they be? Kenyan boarding schools have the nasty reputation of arson occurring when students decide to air their grievances using violence.

Many students have lost lives due to lack of fire alarm systems in boarding schools.

Hence, we delve into the top five reasons why every school should invest in smoke detection systems:

  1. Fire alarms are early warning systems.

The Romans had a saying, “praemonitus, praemunitus” which loosely translates to “forewarned, forearmed.”

It means that those who have been given advance warning have been given an advantage. And that is what smoke detection systems in boarding schools do. They give occupants an early warning so that they can act accordingly and save themselves.

The advantage of early warning systems cannot be understated.

One of the main reasons why the death toll during emergencies is so high is due to panic. In the rush to save themselves, people end up blocking the paths of escape, leading to high fatalities.

This has been witnessed in many cases.

Those few minutes warning could help save lives as people have more time to calm down and leave in an orderly fashion.

  1. Fire alarms are affordable.

Considering the devastation that fire causes, fire alarms in boarding schools are very reasonably priced.

It is not uncommon to find schools holding fundraising in order to repair damaged dormitories and classrooms after a fire. Parents also need to replace their children’s destroyed property in addition to the funds they raise for the school repair.

Not to mention, the irreplaceable lives of the children who will be placed in danger.

When all these factors are considered, it is not reasonable to cite costs as a reason not to install fire alarm systems for boarding schools in Kenya.

  1. Fire alarms allow for faster response.

With increase in technology, fire alarms in Kenya are becoming advanced. A smoke detector installed in boarding dormitories can send a signal to fire stations the moment it detects something.

This instantaneous signal cuts down the time taken for the school administration to alert authorities. By the time the first call is made, help is already on the way.

  1. Fire alarms identify where help is needed.

Use of fire alarms in schools can help determine the exact location where the fire is localized.

This helps fire fighters understand where to focus efforts to stop the fire as quickly as possible. Further, it helps prevent the spreading of the fire by removing flammable material from around the location of the fire.

In secondary schools, where dormitories are long and some have been divided into cubicles, smoke detectors can quickly identify where the fire is. This allows fire fighters to quickly react without getting lost and trapped.

  1. Fire alarms identify source of fire.

One of the key challenges that firefighters face is determining the source.

Advanced fire alarm systems in boarding schools may play a key role in helping to determine the origin of the fire. The data collected by the fire alarm systems can help investigators find out where the fire started, what materials were involved and how fast the fire spread.

All this data helps set up systems for prevention of future fire outburst.


The above are the main reasons the government and other stakeholders involved should set up fire alarm systems in boarding schools. Children are the future of the country, and education of the future leaders is a must.

However, the safety of these children should be a top priority. It is true that fires don’t happen regularly. However, as incidences such as the one in Moi Girls High School where 9 girls were burnt beyond recognition show, once is one too many times when precious lives are at stake.

Invest in quality fire alarm systems in boarding schools and ensure your child’s safety.

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