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4 Reasons why it’s important to have a digitized boardroom

4 Reasons why it’s important to have a digitized boardroom

Technology has radically changed the world of business. Phones are smarter today than the rockets that took man to the moon. The Standard Gauge Railway has revolutionized the logistics industry. Data can now be collected and acted upon real time.

However, there is one area that most businesses have stubbornly refused to change. The boardroom. Business meetings are still run in the same old way. Decisions are being made relying on reports made last week based on data collected last month.

More and more Kenyan businesses realize that to stay ahead of the competition, they need the best data analytics tools in Kenya in their boardrooms. This has led to the creation of digitized boardrooms, which have start of the art equipment to help decision makers.

Here are several reasons why more and more businesses are getting digitized boardrooms in Kenya:

  1. Digitized boardrooms allow for impactful meetings.

The old boardroom, this last sanctuary of the old inefficient decision-making model, is dying. Stiff competition requires decisions to be made quickly, using the latest data. Thus, the old boardroom is being replaced with the digitized boardroom.

Digitized boardrooms in Kenya reimagine what can be achieved in a single meeting. They combine modern dashboards with real time data analysis, data visualizations and predictive analysis. This makes your meeting both relevant and easy to follow, saying goodbye to the groaning that normally follows meeting announcements.

Digitized boardrooms give you short, impactful meetings that allow you to make up-to date decisions, while your competition is still using last month’s decision to influence todays decisions.

  1. Digitized boardrooms are perfect for planning and simulation.

Combining modern visualization technology with data analytics tools, digitized boardrooms gives management unprecedented powers. Decision makers now have the ability to explore alternative courses of action by using predictive simulations.

Simulations allow you to determine what will be the repercussions of any business decision you make. You get to choose the best course to take based on the predicted data, thus avoiding potential pitfalls that appear tempting.

  1. Digitized boardrooms are Flexible

The days of a single person using a single screen or chalkboard to present in front of his colleagues are over. Digitized boardrooms in Kenya allow for prepared presentations to be viewed personally, with the option of skipping ahead, go back to understand a previous concept and then return to the current section.

Further, interactive visualizations enable your business meetings to drill down on points raised during the meeting. You get to explore the nitty gritty details of your business in a visual way, gaining unprecedented outlooks.

Digitized boardrooms flexibility allows for teleconferencing to happen seamlessly. No matter which part of the world your team members are in, meetings continue without interruption.

  1. Digital boardrooms are data driven

Data is the new oil. With increasing data collection, businesses get credible information to work with. Real time data collection severely minimises data manipulation.

This focus on data helps leaders understand the relationship between disparate data, thus uncovering correlations and trends that help increase company revenue.

Using this information, business leaders make quick decisions that lead to increased revenue and customer acquisition and retention.


In summary, your company requires every single advantage it can get to stop surviving and start thriving. The economy grows leaner and leaner every single year.Only companies that stay on top of technology can leverage it to beat the competition.

To do this successfully, you want a board that can make decisions quickly, using real time data, and take courses that they have thoroughly analysed. Businesses are opting for the digitized boardroom in Kenya. Yours should too.


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